Frequently asked questions

updated 14th Feb 2021


We've generally worked on client projects based on word of mouth recommendation. In Ireland, where we are based, our customers include the major banks, government departments and agencies.

A common application area for our toolset is media monitoring, particularly for clients where reliability and consistency are key requirements. Other applications include AI model training, business intelligence and research.

Beta programme

We will open the beta programme to further participants in April 2022. You can register your interest here.

The core ZENARK news search technology is mature and used by thousands of users daily. In 2020, we provided a first beta of an API that provides access to our platform. In short, the technology is mature but the API is new and requires a beta / testing period.

We are actively indexing more than 3000 publications during the beta period. We expect that this will grow to 10000 publications before 2023.

No. RSS feeds are woefully inadequate as a source of news stories. Most publishers rarely offer a complete index of published articles using RSS. Frequently, the content delivered via RSS is substantially different than the published article or might even be an advertisment.

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