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  "summary": "People in Wuhan wear face masks as health authorities deal with 
  			  virus outbreak China believes a mysterious pneumonia outbreak 
  			  that struck 59 people is caused by a new strain of virus from 
  			  the same fam",
  "score": 23.967851638793945,
  "offset": 1,
  "id": 1011972084156,
  "published": "2020-01-16",
  "source": {
      "name": "RTE News",
      "region": "IE",
      "domainid": "",
      "sid": 8,
      "home": ""
  "discoveredAt": "2020-01-16T09:35:52.911Z",
  "title": "China believes new virus behind mystery pneumonia outbreak",
  "url": ""

Features at a glance

Realtime indexing

Rapid discovery and indexing of articles

Boilerplate removal

Only the article text is indexed

Handpicked content

We carefully choose sources for the index

JSON format response

Use your favorite library to integrate our content

User friendly search

We use a familiar syntax for constructing queries

20 years experience

Our people and technology are not the new kids in town


The technology is incredibly reliable and well proven

Duplicate detection

Duplicates and other anomalous articles are automatically handled

AI metadata

Supplemental information is added using AI processing

Simple API

Our API can be accessed at the command line

Multiple languages

We support and detect content in multiple languages

Variety of content

It's not just news .. we index government, blogs and social content

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Powerful API and Tools

Simple yet powerful search API based JSON and XML standards.

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Hand curated content

Thousands of hand-picked, verified and graded content sources.

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More than just the news

Sources include news, blogs, press releases and discussion.

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Realtime discovery and updates

Index dynamically updated with live content.

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AI processing

Detection of spam and duplicates. Clean removal of boilerplate text.

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Content enrichment

Guided AI generation of metadata and searchable context


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  • The service will be subject to disruption while we maintain software and hardware platforms. We generally attempt to restrict these activities to off-peak times.
  • Read our News Api Terms and Conditions before using the license
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