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RSS News Feed

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is just a specially formatted web file containing headlines, dates and links to web pages which can be read by a number of email clients, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, and which can also be integrated into your own web site using Zenark's RSS News Feed software.

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How does RSS work with Electric Search?

Electric Search allows users to choose news articles from their Electric Search searches and to publish them to an RSS file hosted on the Electric Search website. This can then be used by either an RSS reader or can be easily embedded into your own web site using Zenark's RSS News Feed application.

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See live examples of Zenark's RSS News Feed in action

Zenark's RSS News Feed is used by a variety of our clients to provide up-to-the minute company or sector news either internally within the organisation, or externally to partners and the public via the corporate web site.

Visit the RSS in Action section of our web site to see examples of how our RSS News Feed is helping Irish organisations to keep their stakeholders supplied with timely, relevant news.

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How do I get RSS functionality in Electric Search?

If you are an existing Electric Search user, and would like to get RSS News Feed functionality please contact our sales team at:

email > [email protected]
telephone > +353 1 475 9006

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